Why Lume?

When you sign up for a checking account at most banks, you receive the same generic features and services available to most customers. And that’s why many banks aren’t a good fit for their customers, because they don’t meet their customers’ specific needs.

That’s where Lume comes in. Lume is a bank specifically designed for nurses. The bank offers resources and services that benefit nurses most. 

Read below to see how Lume can help nurses improve their finances and save money - without charging extra fees along the way.    

What is Lume?

Nowadays, nurses are demanding higher salaries, safer staffing and better overall conditions for their patients. We also think they should be demanding more from their money, too. 

That's why we created Lume, a bank that helps nurses put themselves - and their money - first. Lume supports transparency for nurses regarding salaries and working conditions and promotes values that nurses care about.

Lume helps you open a checking account with a bank that has your back - one that understands the struggles of being a nurse and why you deserve a bank that fits your needs.

At Lume, we have nurses on-staff that help us develop features and products that nurses actually need. We’re not just a bank of corporate executives trying to make a quick buck. We bring in real nurses who know what other nurses need - and we’re prepared to bring it to them.

Lume Features and Benefits

What sets Lume apart from other banks is their focus on what real nurses actually need from a bank. Here’s what Lume offers:

Get Money Now

Because many nurses work a variable schedule, it can be frustrating to wait until payday. And if you have bills coming due before you get paid, you’ll either have to dip into savings or use a high-interest product like a payday loan or cash advance.

That’s where Lume’s on-demand pay feature comes in. When you finish a shift, you can cash out that day’s income which will be transferred instantly to your Lume bank account. It only takes a few steps to access your money, which you can use to pay your mortgage, buy groceries or send to your student loans.

You can cash out at any time, and there’s no fee to do so.

Retailer Discounts

Lume partners with special retailers to offer exclusive discounts to nurses. These include popular nursing companies like New Balance, FIGS, Crocs and Jaanuu. When you use the Lume debit card to purchase an item from one of these merchants, you could save on your purchase.

The discount will be automatically applied to your account - no need to remember a special code or click on a certain link.

Salary & Reviews Data

One of Lume’s core features is its salary and reviews databank, where real nurses can submit salary information about where they work. As a Lume member, you can scan through this data to determine if you’re being underpaid at your current job or if you’re getting a fair job offer from a potential employer. This feature is only available to Lume bank account customers.

Nurses can also rate their employers and leave detailed reviews, so you can also research prospective hospitals before you join. Nurses have to say what department they worked in, the patient-to-nurse ratio, the number of beds and their hourly/weekly salary. They can share if the experience they had matched their job description. Were they responsible for more patients than they were promised? Did they often have to work overtime?

Employer transparency is a huge problem for nurses and can be responsible for missing out on tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career. 

While many assume budgeting is key to building wealth, maximizing your salary as early as possible can have even bigger results. Every extra dollar that you can earn is a dollar that you can invest, pay off debt, buy a rental property and build wealth. If you can increase your salary regularly, you’ll see a huge difference in your total net worth over time. Plus, with a huge nursing shortage all over the country, nurses are in high-demand. You deserve to earn more.

Join Lume Today

Lume is currently available on a waitlist basis. If you sign up, you’ll be notified when you’re eligible to join. There’s no fee to add your name to the waitlist, and there are no penalties if you don’t join when your name is called.

What nurses say about us

"Lume is perfect for new grads like myself. They made finding a top-paying job and paying down my student loans easy."

Maurice S.

"I always knew that my money could be doing more for me but I never knew how. Lume's easy-to-use tools helped me take control and reach my financial goals.

Aubrey T.

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